Off-Season Fastpitch Softball Training

Off-Season Preparation

One of the biggest controversies in softball is how to train in the off-season.

Many coaches don’t believe in off-season softball training or doing any strength and conditioning. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, that’s not the way reality works.

The highest level coaches intentionally hit strength and conditioning hard! They know the value of having bigger, faster, and stronger athletes. Going to any well developed softball program will enlighten you to what high level softball training looks like.

Training during the off-season should limit skill development and practice time. The majority of off-season should be dedicated to a solid age-appropriate strength and conditioning program designed to improve performance, recovery, and overall athleticism.

Doing so will allow for less injuries, faster pitching, more steals, and harder hits – ultimately making the game more fun for the athletes and the parents.

Next time you are getting ready for the off-season make sure to take a look at a solid program and coach that will not only help your kids play better, but also live better!


andrewleeWritten by Nutrition & Performance Coach Andrew Lee. For inquiries connect to or call 804-317-7633